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Eluma's NEW Deal!

2 Batteries + 1 USB Charger, AC Adapter & Epack
10 Eluma Cartomizers = 200 Cigarettes
FREE Domestic Shipping & 1 Year Warranty
Eluma Challenge Guarantee
$62.99* While supplies Last

*Valid on 1st purchase only using promo code WEB10.
  Try the Mintiest Eluma flavor  
Cool Mint Menthol
Eluma Cartomizers come in boxes of 5. Equivalent to 100 cigarettes!
Only $9.89


*$9.89 price based on quantity discount when purchasing
5 boxes of Cartomizers.

Eluma "Complete" starter kit 2.0


The Eluma "Epack" Charges your batteries, holds 4 cartridges & 2 Batteries

2 Eluma Rechargeable Batteries

1 AC Adapter & 1 USB Charger

25 Eluma Cartomizers in the flavor & nicotine strength of your choice.
(Equivalent to 25 packs of cigarettes)

LIMITED TIME ONLY - Get 10% off 1st Eluma Complete Starter Kit. Coupon required.

"Eluma Challenge" Guarantee.(If you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days, return your kit and any unused cartridges for a NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND)


Eluma Cartomizers *NEW*


The NEW Eluma Cartomizer is an atomizer & cartridge all in one

Patented design produces the highest volume of "Vapor" consistently

Uniquely developed flavors by Eluma - more being introduced regularly

Varying nicotine levels available - from Full-flavored to Non-nicotine

Eluma Cartomizers hold more than twice the liquid of other brands

300+ puffs from each cartridge!


What’s makes Eluma special?


Eluma is the world's highest quality electronic cigarette

Use Eluma anywhere, smoking bans don't apply

Eluma E-pack charges your Eluma batteries while you're on the go

No tar, no tobacco, no ash & no odor

Looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette

Up to 80% less expensive than traditional cigarettes

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Eluma customer testimonials


I cannot believe you called me right after I received my ELUMA electronic cigarettes to see if I needed any assistance setting it up!

I've now been "Analog free" for over 2 months. I thank you so much.

YOU CANT SMOKE THAT IN HERE!!" I said "Smoke what? I'm vaping ELUMA e-CIGs!.

I am a school teacher and until now I've had to go outside when the kids are at recess to sneak a cigarette. Now I still wait until recess but I can sit at my desk and use my ELUMA.

One of the first reasons I decided to buy Eluma e-Cigarettes was because of the cost savings. The truth is now I could care less if it costs the same. Why? How about because I haven't coughed or hacked in over a month!

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Promote the world's highest quality electronic cigarette

You'll be among an elite group getting in on the ground floor

Earn 20% commission on affiliate sales

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